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(co-written 1950 Eddie Durham)

Remake by James Carter 2011 (instrumental)


 Womens Combo

 Musicians on CD:  CARLINE RAY-acoustic & electric bassGENE DAVIS-trumpet,  BERNICE BROOKS-drums, ANNETTE AGUILAR-percussions, CAROL SUDHALTER-sax/flute, SONYA ROBINSON-violin: 

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Topsy Durham, Sarah & Michael Powers 2011


In her wide-ranging career, Sarah has mentored Quincy Jones... Phil Schaap's Radio Interview of McLawler.  

Born in Louisville, Kentucky and raised in Chicago, she studied organ at an Indiana Conservatory and attended Fisk University.  Influenced heavily by the music of the big bands, McLawler used to sneak into clubs in Indianapolis to hear Lucky Millinder. She went on the road with the bandleader, but later formed her own all girl band:


The Syn-Co-Ettes Eddie Durham - Musical Director:



 Oct. 14, 1950

Vi Wilson-b; Hetty Smith-d; McLawler-p;  Lula Roberts-sax 



A W A R D S   &   R E C O G N I T I O N




LIVE:  CARNEGIE HALL concert 4 July1975
B  I  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y
                          P A S T    L I V E   I N T E R V I E W S


Archived online Interviews:

Ralph Cooper Apollo show - TV video

Virginia Tech's Mid-Atlantic Conference on the Scholarship of Diversity -2008 

R  E  V  I  E  W  S

Women In Jazz Festival

 NPR: James Carter at Newport Jazz on McLawler  

Festival DC Blues en Bogota, Colombia:

REVIEW FROM LA MAZA BLUES - Sunday, November 09, 2008. (shortened)At 10:30 the night of the concert began. Veteran SARAH MCLAWLER on the B3 organ, Michael Powers on guitar, Pinky Mendez on bass and the huge Neil Burton on drums. In a small apretujados where some (but certainly well in the stands are usually present in New York), these musicians show us all the energy of their blues. Starting with "Killing Floor", a traditional topic of Howlin 'Wolf, which lit the night, in which the register was going through different styles of blues (slow, country, boogie) and to entertain the audience with incredible versions of songs like "Hey Joe" (it envied Jimi Hendrix) and "Going down". It really was very pleasing to see SARAH MCLAWLER who proved to be the best or perhaps the only woman who plays the Hammond B3 organ, and with little time as leader of the gang, led the public to special moments.  www.historiasdelblues.wordpress.com (click link, then scroll down)

  Newport and Newark Jazz Festivals 1975  




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